There is support for women entrepreneurs — JCCI CEO


Warburton-McBride, CEO, JCCI. Image credit:

In Africa, women entrepreneurs are working hard to build sustainable businesses. But defying social expectations and access to finance remain a challenge, says Joan Warburton-McBride, CEO of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI).

Women business owners also face the challenge of owning their accomplishments, building suitable support network, balancing work and private life and, coping with the fear of failing.

“We believe it’s important to create forums that will help businesswomen and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential,” Ms. Warburton-McBride stated, adding: “We place a concerted focus on providing business support and skills transfer, wherever possible, to continue to develop women-led business – and thereby making women true partners in development and transformation.”

The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO in a Q&A interview with City Buzz indicated: “For women entrepreneurs who are looking to carve out their portion of today’s marketplace and may be looking for support,” she says: “there are a number of programmes, platforms and forums.”

She mentioned a number of resources including Access for Women in Export by United Nations, the Small Enterprise Development Agency, South African Women Entrepreneurs Network, Businesswomen’s Association, Women in Finance, Women in IT, Women in Business, Women in Oil and Energy South Africa, South African Women in Construction, Technology for Women In Business and Women’s Development Businesses.

“At the JCCI we provide small business development support that bolsters these existing podiums’, Ms. Warburton-McBride further added.

“We recognise the invaluable role that women have to play in our society and economy – and the positive influence we can have in this by providing women entrepreneurs and businesswomen with support, platforms to network and training to gain key skills” to advance themselves and their business,” she explains to City Buzz’s Racine Edwards. – Warburton-McBride LeadsAfrica.



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