From the Founder & Executive Editor

From Founder & Executive Editor, Efam Awo Dovi

Women leaders of Africa are the smart, passionate, committed and outstanding achievers one expects of leaders everywhere. In Africa, they tread an unusual path in politics, in business and in social enterprise, steadfastly holding their own in professions deemed the preserve of men. They are leading reforms that are changing political, economic and social landscapes across the continent and driving Africa’s growth. Yet, their perspectives, thoughts, experiences, challenges, lessons they have learned are seldom told.

They must be heard, these women leaders, in the interest of sustaining Africa’s economic momentum and growth in democracy. The story of their journey must be told if we truly want to build a pipeline of informed, Africa-focused leaders for generations to come.

This is where SHE Leads Africa…The Magazine, comes in. SHE Leads Africa is the original online community and magazine dedicated solely to telling the stories of women leaders in Africa.

Why SHE Leads Africa magazine?

Throughout my careers in journalism, development, communications, and indeed in my everyday life, I come across intelligent, amazing, smart, exceptional women treading unusual paths in politics, business, trade, social ventures – silently but powerfully, they lead Africa’s growth drive. For me, they are the women who make Africa.

Yet, we hardly read or hear their perspectives in our newspapers, on our radio and television programming — Their voices, their stories, are missing from national discourse. Of course unless the content is about the so-called soft news, the occasional scandal or at best, a special women’s edition. While these issues are important, they are not a whole representation of the African women who lead in various sectors across the world. The women I meet usually talk business strategy, meeting targets and deadlines, leadership issues, politics, career challenges and aspirations, wellness – those are their core conversation topics. Listening and engaging them make me realise how much we as nations, as a continent, are losing by leaving out these vital perspectives, ideas and contributions from the other half (more than 50 percent) of our population.

As a journalist specialised in Africa development issues and 20 years of experience up my sleeve, I believe I have the power to change the narrative. I am convinced that if the story of Africa women trailblazers must be told effectively in a way that positively transform our countries, then the responsibility must fall on women who understand the media space and how to tell the story for impact and action.

I want the stories of women leaders from all discipline to be heard, I want them to be recognised and to be celebrated.  I want their stories to inspire and empower all, I want their perspectives included in the Africa narrative and most importantly, I want their contributions to be accounted for.

The Journey

In 2010, the idea was conceived to create a platform where women – in leadership, business, politics, social enterprise — feel comfortable to share their achievements, convictions, challenges, ideas and aspiration.  The research was done, we spoke to the women (and men) we have in mind, we tested the waters by curating content on the women and the issues we had in mind and shared same on various social media spaces.

Then the decision was made: to create a magazine and an online community about the women leading Africa’s growth story — the women who make Africa — to share their perspective on, their contribution to, their role in, Africa’s development.

In April 2014 the perfect domain name was found:  and registered to become the main platform that brings the long-held aspiration alive.

Please join us to tell Africa’s story in whole.