Rwanda: best place in Africa for women

Rwanda women in Parliament

Rwanda women in Parliament

RWANDA ranks 6th in closing gender gaps in the world, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2015.

Rwanda comes after Nordic nations Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, and Ireland, after measuring factors, including economic opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment and health.

Sub-Saharan Africa boasts three countries, including Rwanda, Namibia (16) and South Africa (17) in the top 20 of the index.

Rwanda moved one place better due to improvements in the economic and political pillars.

Rwanda scored 0.794 while Iceland scored 0.881 in the report that ranks 145 economies according to how well they are leveraging their female talent pool, based on economic, educational, health-based and political indicators. ReportsĀ  The New Times

Image Credit: Picture taken from The New Times. Caption: Some women parliamentarians being sworn in 2014. Women constitute 64 per cent of Rwanda’s Lower House, a world record. Image by Timothy Kisambira.


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