Global gender gap ranking: how is Africa faring?

She-leads-logoThe Global Gender Gap Index reveals that all countries can do more to close the gender gap. Across the Index, there are only five countries that have closed 80% of the gap or more.

In addition, there are 64 countries that have closed between 70% and 80%. A further 65 countries have closed between 60% and 70%, while 10 countries have closed between 50% and 60%. In 2016, no country had closed less than 50% of their overall gender gap.

However, there is wide variety in progress in every world region, with both success stories and underperforming countries in each.

Considering the average gap that remains to be closed in each world region, based on the Report’s updated regional classification. At a global level, only two regions—Western Europe and North America—have a remaining gender gap of less than 30%, at 25% and 28%, respectively. Latin America and the Caribbean and Eastern Europe and Central Asia are virtually tied at a remaining gender gap of exactly 30% each. They are followed by East Asia and the Pacific, with a remaining gender gap of 31.7%, Sub-Saharan Africa, with a gap of 32.1%, and South Asia, with a gap of 33%. The Middle East and North Africa region is yet to close a gender gap of just under 40%. Read more

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